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HD Body Wave Lace Front Wig

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Introducing our HD Body Wave Wig! This wig is made entirely of human hair, and it comes in a variety of22-34 inch hair lengths. You can choose between 130% and 180% lace densities, and the natural 1B color can be lifted to a #27. Our HD Wigs have the newest lace material that is soft, delicate, and is lighter in weight. It gives it more of a natural look due to the transparency of the lace! It will give your hairline a more invisible look!

  • Hair Type: 100% Human Hair
  • Hair Lengths:  22″-34″
  • Hair Style:  Front Lace
  • Density: 130% & 180%
  • Lace: Standard Lace
  • Hair Grade: Virgin Hair
  • Hair Color: Natural 1B
  • Coloring: Can lift to a #27



Introducing our HD Body Wave Wig! This wig is made entirely of human hair, and it comes in a variety of22-34 inch hair lengths. You can choose between 130% and 180% lace densities, and the natural 1B color can be lifted to a #27. Our HD Wigs have the newest lace material that is soft, delicate, and is lighter in weight. It gives it more of a natural look due to the transparency of the lace! It will give your hairline a more invisible look!

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 cm
Hair Lengths

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Hair Attachments

Hair Features

Hair Theme

Hair Texture

Hair Style

Body Wave



Hair Density

130%, 180%

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  1. Ashleigh (verified owner)

    Hair is so beautiful and soft this is a must have !!!! Had it in for 2 weeks so far and it\’s beautiful ! Fast shipping and all. Get this wig ASAP sis!


  2. Freya (verified owner)

    Very Great hair, true to length & also came within 3 days. Will shop again !!


  3. Fiona (verified owner)

    I ordered the wig Friday it arrived Tuesday morning. No smell, soft , no shedding, will purchase again. Love it.


  4. Nicole (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this hair so so much. I been getting hair for about 3 years now . and this is my first time doing reviews. I def recommend this hair. it’s a HD lace and blends perfectly .


Can I wash the hair bundles from your store?

A: Hair can be taken down to clean, however the tidy technique must be correct for the hair. Wash with luke warm water and moderate shampoo. Cowashing the hair extensions two times a week with a deep hydrating conditioner.

How to clean: 1. Wash hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Do not massage the hair. 2. Condition hair with a deep conditioner for 10 min to 1 hr. 3. After deep conditioning, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. 4. Lay hair flat and allow to hair dry completely. Do not use a blow clothes dryer. 5. Gently pat dry with a towel. Prevent wringing or twisting. 6. When brushing, start at the ends and gently work your method to the roots. 7. Curly hair should be combed and styled with fingers. 8. Wavy hair ought to be combed with a wide tooth comb. Note: Pls use Quality Products.

I recommend an Intensive Repair conditioner.

How to wash Virgin Human Hair Wigs?

A: If you use your wig every day, clean it as soon as a week; otherwise, clean it as soon as every 8 to 10 usages.

How to clean: 1. Comb the hair guarantee there is no tangles. Turn the wig insidecap exterior. 2. Put the wig into 35-40 * water, include hair shampoo into the water. Stir it uniformly. 3. Carefully press over hair for 10-15 minutes up until it is tidy. Do not rub with hands. 4. Rinse hair shampoo completely and pull conditioner into water. Stir it uniformly. 5. Leave hair wig in conditioner for 10-15 minutes. 6. Wash conditioner completely and utilize a towel to soak up the water. 7. Turn the wig inside cap back, For straight wig, pick one wide-toothed comb. 8. For wavy wig, hold the cap by hand, shake it 5-6 times, keep up fingers smooth carefully. 9. Put the wig onto a wig standing and let it air dry. 10. Do not make the hair under the blazing sun for rather a long period of time. Keep in mind: Never utilize item which contain sulphur.

How Well Does Your Hair Hold Curls?

A: Yes, our hair can hold curls magnificently.

Set the appropriate temperature level for the hair curling. We recommend raise the temperature gradually to check it out. Time control is extremely essential, we recommend let the wand/curl rests on the hair around 8-10 seconds with correct temperature level.

Use some hair spray will keep the curl pattern long lasting for entire day.

Can Human hair extensions, Wigs and Synthetic hairs be straightened or curled?

A: Treat the hair as if it is your own. Utilize a level iron/straighter or tongs even when fitted, but just like your very own hair, never make use of warm devices too often as you can dry out the hair as well as it will certainly not last as long.

Remember, this process of correcting is long-term and also if you want to crinkle the wig once again, you have to get it re curled once again. The process of aligning the wig hair is essentially remolding the plastic and also the fiber to give it a brand-new form that can not be mold and mildew back to its previous form.

Curling your wig is a great way to achieve an adorable brand-new look at little to no cost. Yet if you care about your wig, you likely intend to avoid burning it with hot iron. Luckily, regardless of what some folks assume, it’s possible to curl any kind of kind of wig, synthetic or human hair, and not creating any kind of heat damages

Wig Density, What Do They Mean by 130% 150% 180%?

Densities for lace wigs(full and lace front wigs)can in fact begin with 80% of the average hair density(80,000 strands based upon the mannequin figures above)and generally increase to 180% of typical hair density(180,00 hairs based on the mannequin figures above). The standard density for lace wigs(complete lace wigs and lace front wigs)is between 130% and 150%(so 130,000 and 150,000 based on the mannequin figures above) If the objective is to wear hair that looks natural any lace wig with a variety of 130%-150% are typically referred to as medium density Full lace wigs and lace front wigs with greater densities will normally cost more due to the additional labor involved to ventilate(or weft).

Are there differences between Brazilian Virgin hair, Peruvian Hair, Malaysian Hair and Indian Hair?

A: The differences are more evident in the hair’s response to water, warmth or air drying. For longer enduring curls on any of the hair, it is advise to roller set hair with a hair setting cream.

Brazilian Hair is silkier and also shinier in texture than Indian Hair. The Straight textures are not bone straight however tends to curly beautifully at the end. This hair holds curls extremely well and also often tends to hold curls longer than Indian Hair.

Peruvian Hair is a little coarser as well as thicker in appearance than Indian as well as Brazilian hair. It blends well with regular African-American loosened up hair appearances as well as tool Caucasian hair textures.The curly structure becomes much more curly when wet or cleaned.

Malaysian Hair – Malaysian hair in the beginning can appear exceedingly shiny yet after the initial 2-3 washes the luster decreases significantly to tackle a much more natural appearance. Curls will certainly not loosen up or drop with time but maintain their type for the whole day. No item isrequired to keep the crinkle. Malaysian hair is additionally softer and silkier in structure than Indian hair.

Indian hair often tends to completely dry into a lovely wave which ranges from a mild wave to extremely curly, although it straightens out and also curls really quickly

What Temperature Should My Flat Iron Be?

We advise 160-180 Celsius degree or 320-360 Fahrenheit degree. Even human hair can be burned if the temperature level is too high without appropriate time control. Heat protective hair products will be necessary during heat iron.

Note: To change / restyle hair, utilize a blow clothes dryer or curling iron on low or warm heat setting. Encourage to check a one clip hair prior to coloring or changing the full set.

Can I Dyed or Bleach The Hair I Bought?

Yes. Our hairs are 100% human virgin hair and all our natural shade hair can be colored or bleached to # 27, we do suggest getting an expert point of view by a seasoned colorist. As a basic guideline it is less complicated to dim the hair than to lighter the hair. We highly suggest having your hair stylist color the extensions as you will get the results you want, tinting them on your own always postures a high threat of not appearing the shade you want. We would recommend for a one clip weft to be tested before tinting or restyling the full set to see to it the resulting shade is what you expect. We also advise utilizing a semi-permanent form as it is a lot more mild on the hair extensions. As virgin human hair will be easily completely dry after leaving the hair donor, so don’t dye or change the hair too often, it may bring about shortening the life-span of your hair and also perhaps cause damage. We do not advise dying our Blonde or Ombre establishes as they have been processed numerous times. As a result of the processing they have experienced they do not require to dying well.

Any kind of lightening is done at the consumer’s very own discernment and also we can not be held liable if the results do not come out as intended

What Are Hair Extensions

The primary reason for hair extensions is to enhance the length of hair. It can also conceal a bad hairstyle. If you wish to include some color as well as measurement to your hair, you can use a different hair color for the hair extensions without having to color the natural hair.

What Is Virgin Hair

Virgin hair bundles are various in structure as well as hair wave pattern. With Virgin hair being from various benefactors that means there is something for every person. Every virgin hair bundle of SlaybyKethycaE hair originated from a single benefactor, which will offer you more regular pieces. Pieces are going to match also in shades, in addition to texture.

What is Remy Hair

Remy Hair is constructed from the finest top quality both in handiwork and in the top quality of the human hair itself. The factor that Remy hair is so popular is due to its capability to develop an absolutely natural appearance when using it. Remy hair is just gently refined hence Remy Hair extensions ought to last approximately a life time with normal upkeep.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last

Let’s be straightforward and sincere with each other, high quality hair extensions or bundles has a tendency to last 3 to 6 months. On the other hand less costly extensions – will last about 1-3 months and almost the same time frame for bundles with closures

How Long Do Human Wigs Last

Human hair wigs offer one of the most durability. This is since they aren’t chemically refined, and also the cuticles are still undamaged. As mentioned before, they can last for greater than one year with proper treatment. Human hair wigs that have actually been colored or processed are still an excellent financial investment, however their lifespan might be shorter than virgin hair.

Where To Buy Human Hair Wigs

Right here at kethycaelmera.com/shop Wigs have actually long been admired as a protective design, suitable for people that don’t wish to adjust their very own hair every day, yet they’re likewise a great remedy when you can’t see your stylist with regularity, a fact much of us are currently encountering. With wig inventory still changing, we talked with a handful of specialists to uncover the rewarding still-in-stock choices out there.

How To Wash Human Hair Wigs

Taking care of synthetic wigs is everything about the details, and artificial wigs hold up in heat better. While they need extra treatment, the advantage of using a synthetic wig is a much longer life as well as styles that last. Much like when washing your own natural hair, you wish to treat your artificial wigs naturally. Be sure to utilize awesome water for cleansing to maintain your wig looking brand-new.

For curly wigs, carefully clean out the wig while damp. Tangles are much more difficult to manage when the wig is completely dry. Keep in mind to begin cleaning from the tips and also move up toward the root, detangle along the way.

Never ever utilize a blow clothes dryer on artificial wigs, as the warm might damage the whole wig. Also Air drying your wig on a stand will certainly make you thank us later on.

You should wash human hair wigs a every week or two. Relying on the environment you live in, much more warmth and humidity will certainly need even more washing to avoid frizz and also to refresh the wig cap after sweating. Don’t forget your wig comb or a broad tooth comb.

What is a lace closure wig?

A lace closure wig is a wig that has a small piece of lace at the front or top of the wig. The lace is then attached to your hairline with special adhesive or tape. This allows you to style your hair any way you want and gives it the appearance of natural hair growth.

How Do You Keep Indian Hair Wavy?

The easiest way to keep your hair wavy is by adding a lot of frizz texture to the water your hair is being washed in.

How long does raw Indian hair last?

Raw Indian hair typically lasts anywhere from 6 months to one year for optimal condition, though with less attention and care, the hair can last up to two years.

Is Indian Hair Wavy Or Straight?

Indian hair is generally straight, but it can be loosely wavy if you treat your hair with the right products.

How To Put On a Headband Wig?

1. Place wig on your head. Throughout this step, hold the wig securely against your head with one hand to keep it in place.
Step 2. Using both hands, smooth out the bangs and any other hairs sticking straight up or down with fingers or a comb
Step 3. Determine approximately where you want the center of the bow to be located before securing it in place
Step 4. With tape, secure end of scarf to back of wig at desired location near where you want bow to be located
Step 5. For most long-style wigs, crisscross ends of scarf about two inches from edge of wig closest to face

What is a Headband Wig?

A headband wig is a type of wig, usually made of ponytail hair, that is worn by pinning it onto the crown or back of your head with a tie or elastic.

How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Last?

The longevity of a lace front wig is more dependent on your hair care habits than anything else. Your hair will be kept healthier and the lace won’t show if you use quality products, keep it conditioned, and invest in a really good dryer.

What Are Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs are designed to appear more natural than full lace wigs. This is because the hairline is created by weaving comfortable, real hair into the wig cap materials instead of using an impermanent adhesive (glue).

What is HD Lace Wigs?

Hd Lace Wigs are exceptional wigs that give the impression of natural hair, and can easily be styled or customized.

What Is a Frontal Wig?

A Frontal Wig is a synthetic hair piece worn by people on their head.
It usually covers the forehead and some on top of the head.